Porsche Bluetooth® Setup

2021 Porsche 911 Turbo Technology

When you’ve got Porsche Bluetooth going for you in Encinitas, you’re driving with technology backing you up. Do you know how to pair your phone to your car? It’s as easy as completing the Porsche Bluetooth® setup. Your Bluetooth® connection keeps you focused on the road ahead because your car is synced up to your phone, leading to a distraction free drive. Read on and learn more about the Porsche Bluetooth® setup facts with the Porsche service team at Porsche Carlsbad.

How to Connect Porsche Bluetooth® to Your Phone

Setting up your Porsche Bluetooth® connection is simple and thankfully, you’ll be back to business in Del Mar in no time. After you’ve gotten your vehicle connected, you can stream your favorite music, navigation, and more with just a couple of taps. This is what you do to complete your Porsche Bluetooth® setup:

  1. Sit in your parked Porsche vehicle and turn it on, then turn on Bluetooth® on your smartphone. Settings is where you’ll find this information.
  2. Press the device icon on your Porsche display screen. It’ll be on the bottom left hand side of the screen and it’ll look like a phone with Wi-Fi bars coming off it.
  3. Choose Connection Manager and after that, Connect a New Phone. After this is selected, click the “Connect” button in the bottom right.
  4. Once you click “Connect,” your Porsche will look for your phone signal. It’ll display on the touchscreen once you find it.
  5. After you select your phone’s name, a code will appear on the screen of your Porsche. If the numbers on the phone and the numbers on your Porsche screen match, it means you’re ready to connect and all you have to do is confirm.

Learn More Porsche Facts with Us

If you’re still having trouble getting your Porsche® set up, let the team at Porsche Carlsbad help you out. Contact us today with your questions and someone from our team will help you out in making all the right Porsche choices. We can’t wait to help you through your every Porsche problem. Or, schedule service with our team and we’ll help you out that way.


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