How Does Porsche InnoDrive Work?

2022 Porsche Cayenne Driving on Open Road

The Porsche InnoDrive system works in collaboration with your advanced Porsche Adaptive Cruis Control system. Not only does it improve performance and efficiency, but it also makes your autonomous driving experience safer. First featured on the 2018 Panamera, you can now experience this technology on the Cayenne. Take a moment to learn more about Porsche InnoDrive. Then, fill out a pre-approval and contact us to arrange for a test drive in Carlsbad.



Porsche InnoDrive Function

This system uses your vehicle’s radar and video sensors to collect high-resolution navigation data on Del Mar streets. Essentially, it allows your adaptive cruise control system to anticipate topographical features, traffic, and speed limits ahead, and then, enhances the drive of your autonomous driving system in order to optimize efficiency, performance, and safety. It also intelligently chooses the fastest routes.

Porsche InnoDrive Benefits

This system grants your adaptive cruise control system a prediction horizon of up to 1.8 miles. Benefits of this feature include:

  • Perfectly smooth acceleration and deceleration, which is great for your engine and your brakes!
  • Better acceleration and deceleration mean better fuel efficiency.
  • This system will also intelligently use all available data to help you avoid traffic jams.

Traffic Jam Assist

The Porsche InnoDrive feature also features the Traffic Jam Assist feature, which activates at speeds of 37 MPH and under. This system helps to center your vehicle in its lane, regulates the speed between your car and the vehicles ahead or behind you, and follow the queue when it is within the speed limit. This helps reduce the stress of being in traffic by taking care of all the slow, subtle, and repetitive maneuvers of driving in driving traffic for you.

Driver Override

If you run into a situation where you feel you need to take control of your Porsche, all you have to do to override Porsche InnoDrive is tap on the brake or accelerator! Gaining control of your Porsche on San Diego County streets is that easy!

Experience Porsche Adaptive Cruise Control in Carlsbad

Now that you’ve read about the Porsche InnoDrive system, come experience it in action at Porsche Carlsbad by calling (855) 340-1136 to book a test drive! While you’re here, take a moment to explore our new vehicle specials to see how much you can save!


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