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Certified Pre-Owned Porsche

Most people are familiar with two types of cars. You’ve got new cars which come right off the lot, and you’ve got used cars which have had a previous owner. However, a lot of drivers don’t know that there’s a third category of car. This is a certified pre-owned Porsche. It’s got a price that’s lower than a new car, while still offering close to new car features. The Porsche certified pre-owned line is available to Encinitas drivers at Porsche Carlsbad, your place for a used Porsche for sale.

What Makes It CPO?

  • A certified pre-owned vehicle comes with restrictions on model year and mileage to ensure that you’re getting close to new features. When you buy a certified Porsche, you’ll have a vehicle with a low mileage on the odometer and a model year within the last few.
  • A CPO vehicle from Porsche will also be subject to a thorough inspection to ensure overall quality. The multi-point inspection covers just about every aspect of the car, from the essential to the cosmetic, to ensure that the vehicle you purchase fits stringent quality standards.
  • You’ll also get an enhanced warranty to sweeten the deal even further. If you’re concerned about maintenance costs or unexpected repairs, you’ll want to know that a certified pre-owned Porsche will be protected by Porsche for a time after you purchase it.

What Comes Next?

Now that you’ve gotten your hands on the Porsche certified pre-owned facts, what do you do next? If you’re a driver in Del Mar or San Diego County, we invite you to take a trip over to Carlsbad to have a chat with someone from our team. We also suggest you take a look at specific used Porsche models like the used Porsche Macan. There are more facts on the used Porsche for sale here that we’d love to tell you about. We invite you to apply for financing online to get ahead of the process.

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